The Founder of Balloon Therapy: The Air Apparent in the Events Industry

The Founder of Balloon Therapy: The Air Apparent in the Events Industry

Jessica Porter’s Journey from School Counselor to CEO of Balloon Therapy Events

Jessica Porter, once known around her Dallas neighborhood for her extravagant graduation and birthday party decorations, has now become a notable figure in the events industry. The former school counselor’s venture into balloon decor began with an inspiring 2019 trip to Los Angeles, where she witnessed the breathtaking, building-size balloon installations by Geronimo Balloons. This experience ignited her passion and eventually led to the creation of her company, Balloon Therapy Events.

The Birth of Balloon Therapy Events

Back home, Porter turned to YouTube for guidance, ordering balloons and chicken wire to craft her first garland in her parents’ living room. Despite initial setbacks, including scratched walls and hands, she posted a photo of her 15-foot cascading wave of blue balloons intertwined with palm fronds on Instagram. This photo caught the attention of Bumble, the dating app, which was planning a retreat in Dallas and needed decorations.

Porter, 36, juggled her responsibilities as a school counselor, researching balloon manufacturers, and recruiting students to assist her during free periods. Her firefighter husband even helped by inflating balloons at the station. Despite undercharging Bumble for her first big project, Porter realized the potential of her newfound passion. “I charged $800 instead of the $8,000 it should have been,” she recalls. This experience prompted her to quit her job and fully commit to Balloon Therapy Events.

Expanding the Business

Today, Balloon Therapy’s custom-built garlands range from 10 feet to as large as a customer’s imagination. Porter’s designs feature a variety of inflatables, including flowers, stars, skulls, rabbits, unicorns, margaritas, and hot dogs. “I want these balloon backdrops to be the talking point of the party, and not just an afterthought,” says Porter. “We’re in Texas, so the bigger the better, baby.”

The company’s rapid growth led to requests for events beyond Dallas. Entrepreneur Junior Desinor approached Porter with the idea to franchise the business, and he now serves as the CEO. “We’re both hardworking alpha personalities, so we clicked instantly,” she explains. With the events industry expected to reach $538.6 billion by 2030, up from $94.8 billion in 2020, Balloon Therapy is thriving. The company now boasts seven franchises, with revenue projected to hit $3 million by the end of 2023.

Future Aspirations

Porter’s ambitions extend beyond local events. She aims to see her balloon creations featured on the nation’s biggest stages, from Formula 1 races to the Super Bowl. “I want to hustle because this is what I’m good at,” she asserts.

Company Overview

  • Company: Balloon Therapy
  • Founder: Jessica Porter
  • Category: Consumer Products
  • Three-Year Revenue Growth: 523%
  • Projected Revenue for 2023: $3 million
  • Number of Franchises: 7

Jessica Porter’s story is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance. From her early days of decorating family events to becoming a key player in the events industry, she continues to inspire with her creativity and dedication. Balloon Therapy Events is not just a business; it’s a celebration of imagination and grandeur, perfectly encapsulated by Porter’s mantra: “The bigger the better, baby.”

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